Looking for more detail about Mapzen DEM

I’m looking to use the highest-resolution DEM I can find, and currently I am using the 3DEP data directly from their website. I thought of trying using SentinelHub data (in a custom configuration) because the Mapzen data uses 3DEP as one of its sources so if anything, should be either the same or higher resolution in each location. But when I actually pull the data it is lower resolution than what I get from 3DEP. Is there something to do with zoom levels happening here? If so, how does this work and how can I get the highest possible resolution?

Hi Nastassia,
make sure to use us-west-2 end-point. There, we use the full resolution available.
If this is still not meeting your needs, there is not much more to be done, as Mapzen is discontinued…

Can you help me understand how to set that in the configuration utility?

Also, do you mean discontinued in general, or in SentinelHub?

There is no difference in Configuration utility.
However, when using the API (I guess you are using WMS/WMTS?), do use
instead of


Mapzen company was wound down in 2019:

Some parts are still maintained by a Linux community, but for DEM I am not sure this is the case.

Thank you so much for the information! That really cleared up the situation.

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