Low-resolution preview of batch process request from python API

For the last few weeks I have been ordering batch processed Sentinel 2 mosaics via the python API. This process is working really well!

I have been using the Request Builder interface to generate low-resolution preview geotiffs of the mosaics. This is very useful for rapidly tuning the date range and maximum cloud cover percentage for different regions. However, it would be much more convenient if I could request those images directly from my python script. Is it possible to order and retrieve the low-resolution preview images like I can from the Request Builder? Perhaps there is a way to write a modified version of my call to SentinelHubRequest to pull the low-resolution version of my full request.

Hi Henry,

I’m glad you are enjoying the services!

The low-resolution preview option on batch mode of the Requests builder is just a process request with the actual parameters of the UI.
To see such request in Python you can swap to PROCESS mode (on top of the app), select the sh-py option on the Request preview of said mode and you should get the script of this request using Sentinel-hub Py library (where SentinelHubRequest is used).

Let me know if I can help with anything else,

Ignasi Espinosa

Here is where this option appears: