Maps update frequency, get images of AOI for specific time period, variety of data types


I have some questions about the maps I can get from Sentinel Hub API:

  1. How often Sentinel Hub updates image of a specific area on the Earth ?
  2. Is it possible to get an image of the specific area at a given date, or get the date of the latest image?
  3. Is it possible to get images of the specific area at a different dates, for example to see how the specific area has been changing?
  4. As I see I can vary cloudiness parameter, but what about shadows, do you preprocess images somehow to get rid of shadows?

Thank you!

  1. Every 5 days (clouds permitting)
  2. Sure, see:
  3. Yes, see the first link above.
  4. Note that the cloudiness parameter is scene-based meta-data so it is only approximate (e.g. for an area of 100x100 km). Find here information how to do AOI-based cloud filtering:
    Sentinel-2 L2A data (available in Europe since March 2017 and globally since December 2018) do contain cloud shadow data as well and you can include them in the same algorithm as described above.
    Note that we do not process any data, we download the data processed by European Space Agency, including information about clouds, cloud shadows, etc.

Thank you again for your answers!
One more question about variety of data types one can get using Sentinel Hub API. Here I mean different pre-calculated indices such as NDVI, EVI, images in different wave band which depicts objects in True Color and False Color.

I am not sure I understand the question. But I suggest you take a look at our open-source repository of Custom scripts, which contains more than 200 various indices.

Sorry, what I mean is the possibility to get images in different spectral bands (visible, infra-red, etc.) besides indices.

Of course, you can either choose these in Configuration utility or simply configure the script along these lines:
return [B04,B03,B02];
return [B08,B04,B03];