Maxar WorldView minimum area per order

I want to download Maxar WorldView. I found on the website “The minimum area you can order for WorldView data is 5 km2”. It means that if my interested are is less then 5km2, I am still be charged 5km2 for the order?

More question: after order is successful, how I can get the tiff file?

Hi @honganh_le ,

you will get an error if you try to submit an order with an AOI less than 5km^2. So, yes, each order for Maxar data must cover at least 5km^2.

Once your order is processed successfully, you can use Process APi to get GeoTiffs, see this example.

Where I can run this code to get geo tiff file. Could you please give me a short and straight tutorial to follow easier?

Hi @honganh_le ,

The easiest way to run the curl code to get an geotiff file is through our Requests Builder in the following steps:

  1. Login with your Sentinel Hub account
  2. Paste the curl command to the request preview window.
  3. Parse the request, and don’t forget to select the image format as TIFF to get an geotiff file.

  4. Send the request