Maximum concurrent requests limit

Hello, I’m creating an application that needs to download all photos of a small area of interest over an entire month.
I’m currently using one request per every day and I’m trying to run them concurrently.
Problem is, first 5 requests finish at once after about 5 seconds, then another 5 finish after about 10 seconds and so on.
At first I thought it was node.js limit of concurrent requests, but I’ve disabled it and the problem didn’t disappear, which leads me to believe the API itself is limiting the number of concurrent requests, but I didn’t find any info about that.
Does anyone know what is happening? Should I go about fetching a lot of days at once in another way?


Yes indeed you can read about the rate limiting that we use in our systems here. Reading the details of your requests, it’s very likely that you are hitting the limits.

With your use case, it makes much more sense to request multiple dates in each request as you are only requesting a small area of interest. I suggest reading through this example in our Sentinel Hub Python documentation, and also have a read through this recent thread on the forum. Both these examples should help you out I think :slight_smile:

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