Merge 2 Custom Script

Hey !
I would like to know if that possible to merge two custom script in EO Browser
The user select the view and after my goal is too create a script who enchain the next steps :

  1. Run SBD Sedimentology script (Search · suspended · GitHub).
  2. Save the the View
    3)Run SDB Turbidity script ( Search · turbidity · GitHub)
  3. Save the the View

Eo Browser permite that ? or I need to create my own application ?

Thanks you very much for you answer

Hi Paul

Yes indeed, it is possible to work with multiple custom scripts in EO Browser.

You simply need to go to your Sentinel Hub dashboard and create a new configuration and add two layers. one layer with Sedimentology script and another layer with Turbidity script .

Here is a guide on how to create configurations on Sentinel Hub dashboard.

Then you can login to EO Browser, expand the dropdown menu located under Theme on top. Find your newly created configuration by name and select it.

That way you can select and view both layers

let us know if you have more questions

Best wishes


Custom scripts in the context of Sentinel Hub define the way the data from Sentinel Hub is processed and visualized. These scripts can then be used in apps like EO Browser (as layers, defined in Sentinel Hub Dashboard - what Dorothy described or as a custom visualizations) or for other purposes.

In EO Browser, users can create pins - those are combinations of visualization, area and date (or timespan) and effects. The pins can then be shared with other users.
EO Browser also enables users to compare multiple visualizations and pins.
More about those two and other EO Browser features can be found here.

Two or more different scripts can also be merged into one. If the original scripts use the data from multiple collections (data sources), for example Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3, a custom visualization must be used to create a script that utilizes data fusion. This custom visualization of the area can then be saved as a pin and shared with others.

Hope this also helps. Feel free to ask any additional question.