Minimum order areas for Maxar images

Hi guys,

Am I right that the minimum area of AOI to order Maxar images at the moment is 5 sq. km or is it possible to order less areas (I assume no, but could we expect the lesser minimum order areas to be available someday for this product like for Airbus Pleiades, since it’s not always convenient to look at small objects on the level of individual farms or even large fields). Thanks a lot for any support on this.

Your assessment is correct.
These limits are set by the data providers and we don’t have control over it. That said, we fully agree with your view and are communicating it to providers often, so we are hopefull that this will change eventually… The more data providers there will be, more likely this is to happen.

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Thank you Grega, we really appriciate your progress in providing such high-resolution images!