Missing access token

Since this afternoon, I am sometimes getting the following error message when using eolearn/sentinelhub.py to download WCS data:
“During execution of task S1IWWCSInput: (missing_token) Missing access token parameter.”

It isn’t happening all the time, and happens on two environments, one with the latest sentinelhub.py version (3.0.0) and one with the old dev (3.0.0b1).

Note: if this is anything to do with the sh_client_id/secret, I have set both of those in the config file.

Thanks in advance

One question - how often do you go and get the access token?
The token should be valid for quite a while (one hour, I think) so this should happen extremely rarely…

I don’t knowingly do anything with access tokens and I wouldn’t know how. I just use e.g. the S1IWWCSinput task in eolearn, and this error comes up. I assume it is something happening in the sentinelhub.py library (old and new versions)?

We have just released sentinelhub-py version 3.0.1 which should fix this issue (change log).

  • It won’t create that many authentication requests anymore.
  • In case an authentication request would still fail it will try to repeat it a few times.