Missing datastrips for Collection-1 reprocessed products

I’d like to report what I think is an issue with the Copernicus SENTINEL-2 Collection-1 mirroring.

If you look at for example this product “s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/30/U/VU/2021/3/30/”, you can see three sequences available.
/0 and /1 are two different datastrips for the same processing baseline 03.00
whereas /2 is one datastrip for processing baseline 05.00 (with “dataCoveragePercentage” : 26.43)
You may want to check that the second data strip is not missing there.
I’ve already spotted several other products with the same pattern.


Note that the replication of Collection 1 is still ongoing and very slowly, due to limited bandwidth on the side of the data provider. So this will take a while…

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