Missing files from AWS Copernicus DEM bucket

I’m working with the Copernicus Digital Elevation Model (DEM) but noticed there’s a couple very specific files missing for one of the tiles in France. For every single other tile in the dataset there is a directory of auxiliary files available:

$ aws s3 ls --no-sign-request s3://copernicus-dem-30m/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N43_00_E005_00_DEM/
                           PRE AUXFILES/
                           PRE INFO/
                           PRE PREVIEW/
2022-05-09 07:23:22      44703 Copernicus_DSM_10_N43_00_E005_00.xml
2022-05-09 07:23:22   35062604 Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N43_00_E005_00_DEM.tif

But for the North 44 East 5 tile only the main DEM file is available:

$ aws s3 ls --no-sign-request --human-readable s3://copernicus-dem-30m/Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N44_00_E005_00_DEM/
2020-11-24 12:55:01   41.3 MiB Copernicus_DSM_COG_10_N44_00_E005_00_DEM.tif

Would it be possible to get this corrected?

Hi @foxtrot,

this is the only tile that is missing in the source repository. We are waiting on ESA to check out this issue. Until this happens, DEM.tif for this tile is from 2020 release, which should be the same as in the latest, 2021, release, given that ESA marked this tile as unchanged.

We did the same now for the rest of the files for this tile - so we put the files from 2020 release.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks! This solved my issue.

It’s confirmed that this tile was not changed in 2021 release.