Missing metadata (.xml) on AWS


I am interested in two files typically found in Sentinel2 granules: MTD_MSIL1C.xml and MTD_TL.xml. Looking on the L1C AWS bucket I see that MTD_TL.xml has been renamed to metadata.xml. However, I cannot find the MTD_MSIL1C.xml file anywhere. Where is this file?

Thank you

I believe I see that it can be found in a parallel folder, for example: s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/products/2021/7/16/S2B_MSIL1C_20210716T171859_N0301_R012_T14TPR_20210716T203432/metadata.xml. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Yep, I think you are right.
This structure is there from the early times, when one product was composed of tens (or hundreds) of granules. This is no longer the case, but we kept the structure the same, for the sake of consistency through time.

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