Missing permissions for PlanetScope subscriptions


We recently experienced some issues when creating PlanetScope subscriptions for certain areas.
Actually, collection and the subscription is created without the problem, but then if we try to confirm the created subscription we keep getting following error:

Missing permissions for requested item type, asset types, geometry or date range

I’m not sure why is that because all the parameters seems to be correctly set.

I found almost the same issue on the forum from one other user (Link: planetscope-subscription-missing-permissions) and there it seems that the problem was with account being not configured correctly at Planet.

Can you please check if it’s again some issue with Planet for our account and let us know how to handle that.


Hi @list.labs ,

Could you please share your request body (the payload) and the response like the other user you pointed in the link? It would help us pin the issue faster, thank you!


Sure, so the subscription info JSON looks like this:

	"id": "<uid>",
	"userId": "<uid>",
	"created": "2023-01-30T08:36:29.627292Z",
	"name": "string",
	"collectionId": "<myCollectionID>",
	"provider": "PLANET",
	"input": {
		"bounds": {
			"geometry": {
				"type": "Polygon",
				"coordinates": [
						[15.301573, 44.042247],
						[15.301573, 44.04318],
						[15.303193, 44.04318],
						[15.303193, 44.042247],
						[15.301573, 44.042247]
			"properties": {}
		"data": [{
			"dataFilter": {
				"timeRange": {
					"from": "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z"
				"maxCloudCoverage": 10.0,
				"nativeFilter": {
					"type": "StringInFilter",
					"config": ["standard"],
					"field_name": "quality_category"
			"itemType": "PSScene",
			"productBundle": "analytic_8b_sr_udm2",
			"harmonizeTo": "NONE"
		"provider": "PLANET"
	"sqkm": 0.013449827015692833,
	"status": "CREATED"

And the POST request is done like:

POST https://services.sentinel-hub.com/api/v1/dataimport/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/confirm

Payload: {subscriptionId: "<subscription_id>"}

The response returns:

	"error": {
		"status": 400,
		"reason": "Bad Request",
		"message": "{\"error\":{\"reason\":\"Source issue\",\"details\":[\"catalog: Missing permissions for requested item type, asset types, geometry or date range\"]}}",

Please let me know if you need any other information which may help you with troubleshooting.

Hi @list.labs ,

We took a look at your request and found that the PlanetKey has expired on 2023-01-19. Please try again with a valid PlanetKey, thank you!

Hi @chung.horng. Thank you for the answer! I have a few questions now:

  1. Indeed, we received the Planet API key on 2022-01-19. How long is the API key valid?
  2. Our SentinelHub license is valid until 10 January 2024, 23:59. How do we generate a new Planet API key? We didn’t receive any notification of expiry in the e-mail.
  3. Do we need to buy additional data so our license is valid? That is a bit strange since we still have some PlanetScope quota left and our SentinelHub license is still valid.

To add to the above - this is due to your one-year subscription to PlanetScope has expired.
You should therefore renew your PlanetScope subscription, which you can do here:

Make sure you purchase the relevant quota (volume, Tier).

Hi @gmilcinski. Thank you for the answer, in the meantime, I’ve asked a few more questions but I think everything is resolved now. We will renew the license and let you know if we have any additional questions.

I can answer these as well:

  • Planet API key is valid as long as PlanetScope subscription is valid and this is not necessarily same as Sentinel Hub subscription
  • typical PlanetScope subscription is one year
  • there is indeed no warning on the expiration; something for Planet to improve in the future

Thanks, @gmilcinski! As you are in the mood for answering :smiley: I just have a final question:
When we buy a new license, old quota (which is not used up) will still be available for usage? I’m asking because we are reviewing how much data to buy at the moment since we are still in the PoC phase.

Unfortunately not. The quota was assigned for one year.
You now have to decide for the new quota, for all the areas you are managing.

Ok, I don’t know if I’m understanding this right and I can’t find it in the documentation so I will try to ask it through an example:

  • Let’s say we bought 14 km^2 on 2021-01-01 and used up everything,
  • In 2022 we want to monitor the new 5 km^2 but also the previous 14 km^2 so we are buying a new license on 2022-01-01. Do we have to buy 19 km^2 or 5 km^2?

Thanks for your patience.

If you will monitor 19km2 (1900 ha) in the next year, you have to purchase 1900 ha.

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Ok, everything is clear now, thanks @gmilcinski. I just wanted to point out that there is probably a bug on the Planet’s side (?) because we can still fetch data for the latest dates (i.e. yesterday) from existing PlanetScope subscriptions. I don’t know if it is relevant to you but still a heads up.

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