Missing S2 data on AWS

There are a number of acquisitions (I am aware of Italy area e.g. 33SVA, 32TPP, …) that are missing since about the 12th of March. I know that sometimes this happens for several reasons. It is planned to do some kind of sync backwards when this happens so extensively?

Regards, Marco

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Hi @marco.corsi,
there was a significant disruption in the data production due to the fire at OVH facilities:

Initial procesisng was then restored, but L2A was still delayed:

It seems that the data are now processed normally, but Copernicus Hubs struggle with the download, so we cannot replicate everything that is processed. We hope these issues will be fixed ASAP so that the process will continue normally.

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Thanks, there is nothing to do then.


Hi @marco.corsi,

we have done some mitigation actions and managed to retreive the full backlog. All the data should be there and new data synced regularly.


Hi @gmilcinski , we are still missing tiles for S2 Level 2 data. Do you know by when this will stabilize?

We are not aware of any missing S2 L2A data at the moment.