Modify Maximum sensing time PlanetScope /

Hi, I noticed that the images of planetscope for this week were empty, so I checked my planetscope subscription and saw that there was a maximum sensing time (last week). When I setup the request builder for my area I left the ‘’ date empty.

  1. What will happen if I delete my running subscriptions (well, they are finished now) and my quota? Will I have to topup again?
  2. Can I instead adjust the maximum sensing time in my collection?


thank you for reporting this. Emptying the “To:” field had no effect due to a bug in request builder. This bug has just been fixed. Please note that it is always a good idea to check the “Request preview” field and how it changes when you change various parameters.

Adjusting times or other properties of existing subscriptions is not possible. Instead, please just create a new one with an empty “To:” and with “From:” equal to the “To:” of the original one. No additional quota will be used if the area of interest is the same.

Thanks, just added the new subscriptions, but to the old collection, which has the following information about max sensing time:

Do I need to make a new collection and add the subscriptions to those instead?

edit: the maximum sensing time changed to 14 feb, so it is probably still updating. So adding to existing collection is fine.