MODIS Band Resolution

Hi there, im just trying to understand the MODIS data set.

Is data from both Terra and Aqua both present in the dataset since they both have the MODIS sensor? It seems they both make roughly 2 imaging passes over an area in a 24hr period, making 4 in total. Are all 4 sets of images present or is just one chosen? Looking on EO browser the imagine times are always UTC 12:00 which seems more like a default than the actual time

Hey @alex.clark
Under the MODIS data source you get data from both Terra and Aqua which is stitched together per day based on a 16 day window. That’s also where the UTC 12:00 time comes.

From the MODIS User Guide

The Product is computed for each of the MODIS spectral bands (1-7) at local solar noon of the day of interest.

using the best BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) possible based on 16 days’ worth of inputs with the day of interest emphasized.

Also notice that there has been some problem with the satellite and at the moment there is no data available after 8th of August More.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks @dthiex that makes a lot more sense now. Also I didnt know I was looking at 16day window data, but that explains the lack of clouds in most images and some other anomalies I noticed!

Really appreciarate that, thanks