MODIS data for August 2019

Hi all,

I seems that there is no MODIS data for August 2019 available.
Neither in SentinelHub playground, nor in FIS or WMS web services.

Is there a reason for this or did I miss something ?

Thank you,

Unfortunately there seems to be an ingestion issue from NASA to AWS. We have reported the problem to them and are waiting for resolution.
We will update you, when we find out something more specific.

Hello Grega,

Any news on this ?


Not yet unfortunately. It seems the “curator” of MODIS data on AWS is in the limbo at the moment… But pushing.

Hi Grega,

I imagine that you have no news for it ?

Thank you,

We were told (last week) that someone is looking into it so we are hoping for a solution soon. But no ETA yet unfortunately.


Did they finally give you an estimated date ?

Thank you,

No, not yet. Sorry about that. I