MODIS images of August 2020


It seems that there is not MODIS data available after the 8th of August 2020.

Did I miss something ?

Please tell me it will not be like in August 2019 :pray:

Thank you,

There is an issue on replication of data from USGS to AWS. We have reached to them to get information about it.
We apoglogise for inconvenience.

Correction. The issue is actually on the NASA’s side, or rather on the satellite.

It seems that things should soon be back to normal.

Thank you for you answer.

As far as I understand the very technical link, the problem is somehow closed on NASA side.

Do you know if the missing data will be available soon through SentinelHub ?

Thank you !

The technical issue has been closed, but the data processing is still not nominal, more information here:

Hi @ibisa,
not sure if you noticed, but the data seem to be rolling back in.