Mosiac Imagery Resolution

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I stumbled upon the s3://sentinel-s2-l2a-mosaic-120/ bucket have been enjoying hitting it up for country-wide imagery.

I was curious though, the website that let’s you explore Sentinel’s cloudless imagery goes up to 10m resolution. Is that available at a different endpoint on AWS, or is 120m as high as is publicly available?

Likewise, if there’s a better way to fetch 10m cloudless data, all ears!

Hi @dylan

The s2cloudless map you link is a product from EOX, while the 120m mosaic (available on the bucket) is made by us and shared publicly (see also public-collections/collections/sentinel-s2-l2a-mosaic-120 at main · sentinel-hub/public-collections · GitHub)

To fetch the cloudless data, you would have to do some processing. This blog post provides some info on how one can build cloudless mosaics herself: Digital Twin Sandbox Sentinel-2 collection available to everyone | by Grega Milcinski | Sentinel Hub Blog | Feb, 2021 | Medium.

To view Sentinel-2 (and other) satellite data in all their glory, I suggest you head over to our EOBrowser.

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Aha! so 120m is the highest resolution being provided currently on via aws. Those tutorials for fetching cloudless data are fascinating, but a bit above and beyond what I can dive into for now.

Appreciate the reply Matej