MTD_DS.xml or MTD_MSIL1C.xml

Using AwsTileRequest via WFS not able to get MTD_DS.xml or MTD_MSIL1C.xml containing OFFSET values. Is there other way to get the band offset values?

These are available in a parallel folder, with product info. See documentation:

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Hi Grega,
In order to download the metadata.xml in datastrip.
It would require datastrip path which is present in tileInfo.json. But we aren’t able to download tileInfo.json even after providing the same in metafiles.

We are using sentinelhub==3.3.2 module.

tile_request = AwsTileRequest(tile=tile_name, 
                             time=date, aws_index=aws,
                            metafiles=['metadata', 'TCI', 'tileInfo'],
                            data_folder=data_dir, data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL2_L1C,

Hi @gunjan,

the feature to download directly from AWS was added to sentinelhub-py within our community program and is not part of our production services. It might be, that this option is missing. Sorry about that.

sentinelhub-py is open-source and you are welcome to provide a pull request with your contribution/extension.