Multiple instance IDs with no dates

Hi - there are multiple instance ids configured for PlanetScope & Pleiades data. Some of them do not have any time ranges set (in the configuration menu - this is for PlanetScope ids) Is this to be expected? Also for Pleades data the time range is from 31st March - 1st May 2019. Can I get access to the latest images (2020)?

Not sure what you mean by “time ranges in the configuration menu”. There is nothing like this.

There are Pleiades data available also for 2020, based on the locations and availability. Due to contest being finished in 3 days, it is no longer possible to add additional data unfortunately.

Then I am probably making a wrong call.
I have one reference jupyter notebook which I am using as a starting point (from EO-Hub marketplace) Are there any other resources ( tutorials in python) which explain how one can access 3rd party data.

By Time-Ranges - If one opens any of the pre-configured instance ids. And then open any layer for editing. We get a field which asks for the time-range.
Some of them are pre configured while others are blank