Multiple Sentinel-2 L2A images missing in april 2018

Hi, I noticed that total of 168 out of 1580 L2A images were missing from aws in april 2018 for the area of Finland. There are both Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B images are among the missing ones. I haven’t checked the Copernicus OpenHub yet for those, but I guess that those are missing from there as well. I wonder if there is some explanation why some of the L2A images are still missing.

Thank you,

Hi Joona,
I siggest you first check on SciHub and if data are not there, you should contact Copernicus support as we have no control over this.
If data are there, I suggest you first check once more on AWS as we managed to retreive some backlog yesterday. If still not there, send us a list of product ids from SciHub and we will check what went wrong.
There is generally a problem with low download bandwidth from SciHub last few weeks and we struggle to download all data. If you want to help, send a notice to Copernicus support and let them know it is inportant for you to be able to access these data and that they should assure stable download speed…