Multitemporal analysis agricultural field

Dear forum

I’d like to monitor an agricultural field over time. Since viewing and sun azimuth angles are different for different orbits and orbit directions (ascending/descending), I need my pixel values to come from a single orbit and orbit direction. Otherwise the changes I see over time will be distorted, since reflectance changes with viewing and sun azimuth angles, and these are different with different orbits and orbit directions.

Using the process API, how can I get a 4d array that contains <dates, rows, cols, bands> fulfilling these criteria? As I said, pixel values for the individual time steps (dates) must come from the same orbit and orbit direction (no mosaicking of different acquisitions), and all time steps must also be from the same orbit and orbit direction.

I understand that, if I’m very unlucky, my field will be at the edge of a swath, and only one part of it will be seen in a single orbit and orbit direction. But this is something I’m willing to accept.

Any hints are greatly appreciated.