My sentinel-hub library crashes frequently

Input In [1] in <cell line: 1>
import sentinelhub

File ~\Anaconda3\envs\Auto_algo_env\lib\site-packages\ in
from .areas import BBoxSplitter, OsmSplitter, TileSplitter, CustomGridSplitter, UtmGridSplitter, UtmZoneSplitter

File ~\Anaconda3\envs\Auto_algo_env\lib\site-packages\sentinelhub\ in
class OsmSplitter(AreaSplitter):

File ~\Anaconda3\envs\Auto_algo_env\lib\site-packages\sentinelhub\ in OsmSplitter
POP_WEB_MAX = transform_point((180, 0), CRS.WGS84, CRS.POP_WEB)[0]

File ~\Anaconda3\envs\Auto_algo_env\lib\site-packages\sentinelhub\ in transform_point
return CRS.get_transform_function(source_crs, target_crs)(old_x, old_y)

File ~\Anaconda3\envs\Auto_algo_env\lib\site-packages\sentinelhub\ in get_transform_function
return pyproj.Transformer.from_proj(self.projection(), other.projection(), skip_equivalent=True).transform

TypeError: from_proj() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘skip_equivalent’

Here’s the error that I get


Please can you specify the version of the Sentinel Hub Python Library you are using. In addition, this might be related to the versions of the packages you have installed. To help us troubleshoot the problem, could you please provide us with the output of the conda list command? This will give us a list of the packages you have installed, and allow us to identify the problematic packages.

sentinelhub version - 3.4.4

Firstly, I recommend updating the version to 3.9.1. Then if you are still having issues, we can examine the dependencies.

Actually I cant update it because I have my system or algo set on this version and I’ll have to change everything

Hi, i rechecked older sh-py versions, it seems you must be on version before 3.3.0 or earlier judging by the code in your error stack-trace.

You can try downgrading your pyproj package to something older, which still supports the skip_equivalent parameter, but i’m not sure when they stopped supporting it. If you upgrade to sh-py 3.4.4 this particular problem should also vanish, but there might be other issues.

Thank you so much, this helped me with my problem.

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