Naming of sentinel tiles

When I make batch api requests for a specific bounding box, Sentinel returns tiles in the sequence: 54KYA_7_1.tif, 54KYA_7_2.tif or 54KYA_8_1.tif, 54KYA_8_2.tif etc.

I’m requesting tiles in UTM 10km grid at 10m spatial resolution. Now, I assume 54 is the UTM zone. What does KYA_7_1 for instance represent? Is there a pattern Sentinel uses to name tiles?

Hi @nyandorojapheth ,

The 54KYA is Sentinel-2 Tiling ID which can be found in the naming convention. You can also download the Sentinel-2 tiling grid kml here. 54 indicates the UTM zone as you mentioned.

Since the Sentinel-2 tile is 100km x 100km, it can be separated into 100 Sentinel Hub 10km grid tiles and the number 7_1 indicates the row and column of the tile. If you’re interested in the grid you can download it here.

Thanks @chung.horng This has been helpful. I have downloaded the kml file and loaded it to Qgis but it’s not displaying. I was thinking of clipping it to my country of interest and using it. Why is it not displaying in qgis?

Hi @nyandorojapheth ,

You could try the KML Tools plugin. This should help display KML file in QGIS.

Hi @chung.horng

Thanks. I’m able to display them now.

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