NaN values for a specific date in Landsat8 L2 data

I’ve got quite a few images for quite a few dates.
and this one has only NaNs. just reporting the issue.

datetime.datetime(2021, 5, 2, 11, 7, 52, 70000, tzinfo=tzutc()),

Landsat 8 L2 data

location box used:
coords_wgs84 = [ -7.385, 39.211, -7.365, 39.235]

Hi @dataTfS ,

Could you pleas provide your request (best as a curl command generate from our Requests Builder) that generates NaNs only?

Thank you.

I haevn’t tested it, but this appears to be the correct curl:

curl -X POST  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_TOKEN_HERE>' -H 'Accept: application/tar'  -d '{  "input": {    "bounds": {      "bbox": [        -7.385,        39.211,        -7.365,        39.235      ]    },    "data": [      {        "dataFilter": {          "timeRange": {            "from": "2021-05-01T00:00:00Z",            "to": "2021-05-03T23:59:59Z"          }        },        "type": "landsat-ot-l2"      }    ]  },  "output": {    "width": 512,    "height": 792.955,    "responses": [      {        "identifier": "default",        "format": {          "type": "image/jpeg"        }      },      {        "identifier": "",        "format": {          "type": "image/jpeg"        }      }    ]  },  "evalscript": "//VERSION=3\n\nfunction setup() {\n  return {\n    input: [\"B02\", \"B03\", \"B04\"],\n    output: { bands: 3 }\n  };\n}\n\nfunction evaluatePixel(sample) {\n  return [2.5 * sample.B04, 2.5 * sample.B03, 2.5 * sample.B02];\n}"}'```

edit: on the python API i'm using i've called all of the bands, but this should give the same results. all were NaN.

I tested the curl command and it actually worked as long as the redundant code was removed:

{        "identifier": "",        "format": {          "type": "image/jpeg"        }

so the data is not corrupted?

I’ve been using the same code I’ve used to download everything else in 2021. for the same area. and only that came out as NaN.
very weird.
same server address as well.

oh well, one less datapoint

AFAIK no. The response I got from the code looks fine using Requests Builder. The data is also displayed normally on EO Browser.

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