NDRE and other indexes with PlanetScope

Hi all,
I am trying to do some indexes different to NDVI with the images from PlanetScope.
For example I would need to do the NDRE. But on the bands available I did not find the RedEdge. Is it available in some ways?
Thanks a lot

Hi Matteo,

As I am sure you know, the older generation of Planetscope sensors did not have a Red Edge band. The new generation does possess a Red Edge band so you should be able to generate your NDRE index. You can find more information about the Planetscope data collection here.

Any other questions, and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Hi William,
Thanks for your reply.
If I understood correctly from the link you sent me the RedEdge is only available with 8 bands. If the subscription I did are all in 4 bands I do not have RedEdge available, am I right?
Thanks again

Hi Matteo,

Yes, that is correct. If you wish to access the Planetscope 8 band data then you would need to create a new subscription/collection to do this.