NDRE Index in EO Browser

How to perform an NDRE (NIR and Red-edge) Index within the EO Browser ?, Thx.

You’ll need to set the visualization to Custom and then change the band selector to the script option.

If you want to see the values as panchromatic, you can just use:

return [(B08 - B05) / (B08 + B05)];

Or you can use the Colormap or Colorblend functions to use a color ramp:
var val = (B08 - B05) / (B08 + B05);
return colorBlend(val, [-0.2,0,0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8], [[0.447,0.243,0.039],[1,0.1,0],[1,1,0],[0.1925,1,0.141],[0.043,0.49,0.043],[0.047,0.082,0.424]]);

See example.

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Hi @fcbasson, Thx. for your reply and example. The Spatial resolution of the 2 Bands are different, B08 (NIR) is 10 m. and B05 (Near-edge) is 29m. - How to account for the difference ?