NDVI actual values after colorblend method

Hi, we have created an NDVI colormap service of Sentinel image, with the colorblend method (because we need view the image in a color range) and when we consult this WMS service with request GetFeatureInfo we obtain three different values (out1, out2, out3) of the colors. Is it possible to obtain the actual NDVI values from these three values?.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Blanca,
I am guessing you might actually extrapolate the value from colorblend somehow, but it would not be a reliable method.
I suggest you configure another layer, e.g. NDVI_VALUE, which you use for feature info. E.g. you visualize color map and query value.

You can find more info on how to configure such a layer here:

Thanks a lot, it’s a good solution!.
At first I preferred to have only one service configured, but I had to apply a cloud mask to the visualization too (so I had to use the Sentinel image in TOA values). With another service for the NDVI values, as you propose, I can use the BOA values ​​of Sentinel.
Everything has advantages.