NDVI Index for each point

I’m new in these topics and ask for your support.

We need the point information (featureinfo for ndvi out1) for each point of an specific polygon/area (also respecting the resolution).
Something like:
In: geometry or bbox, layer, resolution, cs
Out: NDVI Index for every point

I imagine a result maybe like this:
x: 3601987.48198928, y: 5769383.20694297, out1: 0,638913…
x: …, y: …, out1: …

Is there a way using wms?
I know it’s usual to query per point, but in this case that’s not a good option (performance)

Thanks a lot!


I’m happy to look into this for you. Can you clarify how you are defining “point”? Do you mean each pixel within your input geometry/bbox, sample points within your input geometry/bbox or the vertices of your specific polygon/area?

For example, we have a map section from which we need the out1 value’s for 200 coordinate points. That would mean 200 GetFeatureInfo requests. Instead, we imagine to get all these single values by one query for this area.

Yes you are correct that you could request GetFeatureInfo 200 times but this is not very efficient.

I would recommend requesting and downloading the image through WMS or whatever method you prefer. Then to convert your pixels into coordinates + value of the pixel.

This was answered nicely in this post which showed how to do this in QGIS or in R as well.

Hope this solves your problem :slight_smile: if you need more guidance, then let us know.