NDVI Statistics for more than 5 years

I’m interested in getting a mean NDVI time series for a specified area.
The chart tool in EO browser does pretty much exactly what I want, but is limited to 5 years, so I need to run it twice to get data back to 2018.
Is there a way of getting an equivalent output in one step? I’m guessing I might need to use the statistical API? Is that correct? So far I’ve just been using the EO Browser interface, with an occasional custom script.

Exactly, you would have to use statistical API to do that.

Have a look at the statistical API tab in the Requests Builder it will give you a good starting point to build your own requests. In the end you get a request you could use in the command line, with python or with javascript.

Thanks, request builder is just what I was after. The statistical API webinar was a big help too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JviobxqTO8