Near infrared in third-party images (PlanetScope)

Hi all,

My last attempts trying to download products from EO Browser have successfuly ended.

But I need the images to have at least 4 bands (red, green, blue, near infrared) in order to generate NDVI images.

In the images that I extract from the resulting archive, I only see 3 bands (Red, Green, Blue).

Can anyone help me ?

Hi Régis,

Thanks for the question. With Sentinel Hub services you don’t even need to extract all the bands to generate NDVI, you can calculate this within your request. You can find lots of examples of this in our documentation, specifically for Planetscope too!

I would advise you not to use EO Browser and to test out using our Request Builder application. This will make it much easier for you to download your images as Analysis Ready Data.

To generate the exact NDVI values, you will require a FLOAT32 output which can be specified in your evalscript. I have prepared an example of this for Planetscope data collections below for you to try out.

function setup() {
  return {
    input: [{
      bands: ["NIR", "Red"]
    output: {
      bands: 1,
      sampleType: "FLOAT32"
function evaluatePixel(sample) {
  let ndvi = (sample.NIR - sample.Red) / (sample.NIR + sample.Red)
  return [ ndvi ]

If you need any more help, let us know and we should be able to guide you through it! :+1: