Need the real index and band values

Hi, I want to download via Sentinel Hub plugin to Qgis Sentinel2 bands or several type of indexes for agriculture. I got these layers with more bands but I need the real index values (or the band values) for every pixel not the visualized.
I saw a topic similar to this, but not exactly the same problem, because I’m not familiar with coding I need evalscripts for the configuration of custom scripts to download the bands (B01 to B12) or the NDVI, NDVIre1, re2 and re3, PSRI, CHL, NDre1, NDre2, ND45, NDMI, GNDVI and EVI indexes.
Could someone to help me please?

Hi @attila.lihi ,

Please take a look at our Custom Scripts Repository. You can find the evalscript for NDVI raw values here.