New Account already expired

Hi there. I just created an account today but when I go to my account info it says that the account has expired. I was lead to believe that there was a free trial for some period of time before that would happen? I’m not quite sure what is going on, is this expected behaviour?

Hi Scott,

We’ve created a trial account with a duration of a month for your user. The expected behavior is to get the prompt to create such account when you enter into dashboard for the first time.

We will look into it to prevent this happening again,

Thanks for reporting.

Ignasi Espinosa

I encountered the same error after signing up for my account. Could you help me solve this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @onatkutdagtekin,

we have started your trial.


I also have the same problem, can you please look at my account as well?

Sure, done. Sorry about it.