New Copernicus Browser to Replace Sentinel Playground

Dear Users,

Sentinel Playground application was introduced 8 years ago and revolutionised the way people use Earth Observation data. However, in the years following, newer and better applications were introduced - first EO Browser and then recently, under governance of ESA and the European Commission, Copernicus Browser. We have therefore decided to deprecate Sentinel Playground.

Copernicus Browser not only includes all the Playground features, including seamless visualisation of Sentinel data, stitching multiple orbits, switching between satellites, multiple processing options and image download, but also introduces a variety of new features. It also provides a more accurate view of our planet, which is becoming more and more important in the nowadays world. Last but not least, by deprecating an old application, we free up resources to build even more cool new things.

What’s New?
The Copernicus Browser introduces a wide range of new features, including detailed analytical datasets, high-resolution image downloads, various data analysis tools, 3D capabilities and full tile downloads. As the application is part of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, it guarantees the most up-to-date data and the largest archive. Copernicus Browser is free to use, funded by the European Union, including free user accounts required to access the advanced features. Try it out here! It is used by almost two hundred thousands users monthly, so we are confident it will serve a few of you, long-time Playground users well!

Please note that the old Sentinel Playground links will be redirected to Copernicus Browser as much as possible, showing the same visualization to provide a smooth transition.


You changed the simple menu of Sentinel Playground to a very complex and disorganized menu. This will not work for a lot of users. Please allow to use the simpler version again.

Thank you for this feedback. We will take it into account, trying to make Copernicus Browser even more simple to use.
Any more structured comment, i.e. example of what you find complex and disorganised, will be most welcome.

Sentinel Playground has been deprecated.

To be more specific, the calendar was very nice structured at Sentinel Playground. Switching between dates could be done very fast. Also the different Filters (Agriculture, etc) and different satellites could be selected easily. Hope to see some adjustments in the future. Thank you very much.