New EO Browser Feature - Commercial Data Ordering

In the Discover Tab between Search and Highlights, a new feature has found its way into EO Browser: Commercial data.

It provides a simple and straightforward way to search available commercial data for your AOI and order it with just a few clicks. We currently support Planet PlanetScope, Airbus SPOT, Airbus Pleiades and Maxar WorldView data.

Search one of the data archives in the desired time range and AOI, check which images are available and add them to your order, specify your order details, confirm your selection and view the status of your order.

Check out our short tutorial: Commercial Data in EO Browser - YouTube to see how the new feature works.

To use the feature, all you need is an active Sentinel Hub subscription and to purchase data, per-purchased quota in your account for the constellation you are interested in.

Very High Resolution (0.5 m) Pleiades (© CNES (2021), Distributed by AIRBUS DS) imagery, which can be searched and ordered in EO Browser using the new Commercial Data feature (on the left, parked airplanes during the Covid pandemics in April 2020 at the Frankfurt airport, on the right, the port in Dunkirk)


Hi there, I followed the steps in the YouTube Tutorial, but my Finished Order has no Show Data button. Therefore, I can’t see and download my ordered AIRBUS image. How should I proceed?

Dear @gaertner.p,

can you login and logout of your account and see if you still can’t see the “Show data” button?

I checked in your account and everything seems to be set up correctly though. The collection contains two images (one of the Ever Given from the 25.03.2021 and one for Berlin from the 28.04.202).

Next to the “show data” button in the finished orders you can also always find and visualiz your orders via the discover tab and search. To do so simply select the instance which contains the collection you added the data to (if you chose create a new collection in the Order options you need to make sure you have a instance set up using the collection if (more info here)) .

In your case this was “My Airbus Pleiades data” (see image). If you select this instance as theme and then search for data you will also get to your ordered image.


PS: I blurred part of the Collection ID in the screenshot to prevent others getting access to it.