New images of Sentinel 2-L1C and L2A do not appear in Sentinel Playground

I found some similar references to a bug similar to this one but I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same problem:

I am using Sentinel Playground | Sentinel Hub to display Sentinel natural color images. Despite the image acquisition date being correct, it is actually showing the same image from 5 days ago. I can see that there was an update further east (another sweep) but not of the area of my interest.

My area of interest is [here](Sentinel Playground | Sentinel Hub &gamma=1.0&time=2022- 11-01%7C2023-05-12&atmFilter=&showDates=false)

Thank you.

Leonardo Caponi

Hi Leonardo,

you did not share the location, so it’s impossible to check.
That said:

  • if you want to see latest images in Sentinel Playground, you need to increase the cloud cover filter to 100%
  • we strongly recommend you use EO Browser or Copernicus Browser instead of the Sentinel Playground, as it provides much better control over the data

Hi Grega,

I´m sorry, I suposed I shared the possition, please check here:

Or in coordinates: -7.8320428,-34.8447397

I need to see the latest image available because I need to know how is the vegetation coverage (prior to do historical research on field).

Thanks a lot and happy weekend.


As mentioned, I suggest to use EO Browser or Copenicus Browser. Sentinel Playground was not designed for such tasks.

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I just opened EO browser and problem solved! I never used before.

Many thanks!!


To add an explanation, Sentinel Playground makes a mosaic of data from different dates over the displayed area, so that there is no area without the data. This can be interpreted as displaying data for a time span, where the start is the first date the selected collection was available, and the datepicker limits the end of the timespan. Playground then tries to display as latest data as possible for that timespan. The single date selector can cause confusion that you select a single date for which the data is shown.

EO Browser has 2 options. The first is displaying data for a single date (yeah, with one datepicker, adding to the confusion if you are starting to get familiar with both apps). The other is similar to what Playground does - it allows users to select both start and end of the timespan for which the data is then shown.

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Hello Ziga.

Thank you for your detailed and very useful explanation.

Have a great day!


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