New Open-Source Library Available: sentinelhub-js

A goal of sentinelhub-js is to simplify the use of Sentinel Hub in JavaScript environments (browser and Node.js). The library is still under heavy development, which means that not all datasets are supported yet (currently only Sentinel 2 L2A and L1C, and Sentinel-1 GRD IW). Note that the package is young, so breaking changes might still occur, though we will try to keep them at minimum. Playground is already using this library in production and we are in the process of migrating EO Browser to it.

To start, see README and browse the node.js and storybook examples.

We would be happy to hear from you! Let us know here or in issues if there is something missing or if you have trouble using the library.


For more details on sentinelhub-js library we recommend reading our blog post:
Sentinelhub-js — opensource library for satellite imagery powered web applications

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