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Hi, I just signed up for a free trial. I was trying to see if I can get good resolution images from a demolition site with specific historical dates so I can determine when a specific building was demolished. Can this be possible with Sentinel hub? I am not very knowledgeable with most of the terminology used here. Please advise . Thank you, Lisa

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Dear Lisa,

Welcome to the world of Sentinel Hub! :slight_smile:

It all depends what you call “good resolution”: for some this could mean tens of meters, for others, it could be sub-meter…

In your case, I would start by using EO Browser to see what data is freely available for the area and dates that interest you. Indeed, you can use the map to browse around, then select the dataset and sift through different dates. If you are not sure how to use Eo Browser, there are some resources available on our documentation page to get you going.

The highest-resolution free data we have to offer is Sentinel-2, with a spatial resolution up to 10 meters. If you need data with higher resolution, we do have some commercial data on offer with up to 50cm resolution, but it comes at a cost.

Enjoy exploring the images :slight_smile:


Thank you Maxim for your quick response. I’m not sure what resolution I would actually need but what I need to see, is a 70’ sign that was on the property and figure out approximately when it was taken down. It’s a tall sign next to interstate 95. Do you think this is something I will be able to see?

I think you will have a hard time seeing that on a Sentinel-2 image (our highest resolution open-source data). If the sign is 70 feet wide (that’s about 20 meters), it would only be within 2 pixels.

To get an idea of what you can see or not, feel free to browse the following link (you can pan around and zoom in or out):

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