New Year's improvment to Sentinel-2 L2A at lower resolutions

Hi Users,

We are pleased to announce that starting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, Sentinel-2 L2A data requested at lower resolutions will be of better quality than before!

For those wondering how can this be possible, it is actually very simple. As some of you might be aware, each Sentinel-2 L2A band is processed at various resolutions: a subset of 10m, 20m, or 60m per pixel. Our recent enhancement now chooses sources from the optimal resolution based on your request resolution, as opposed to always using the highest resolution source.

For example, if you request 10m bands at 25m/px, 20m sources will be used.

Note that data returned will change slightly at these lower resolutions. Overall quality will improve and data will have less false detail, improving machine learning at these scales, for example. There will be no impact whatsoever on data returned at native resolution (10m).

Note also that this does not apply to L1C data as for these, only full resolution data is provided.

Below is an example of a request at about 73 m/px using 10m source data (current) versus 60m source data (upcoming).