No able to get data from Sentine L1C and L2A from 24/03


For some reason I am not able to get images from 24/03 L2A and L1C (B08)? They are also not availabe on the playground page.
I checked by other providers that there are new images Sentinel-2 L2A for this date already.

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Can you be more specific - which area you are looking into?

Hello Grega,

I checked in the nord of Spain, close to city Burgos, and south Spain (Córdoba)

Thank you for this info.
We have checked the situation and realised that the data are missing on the Copernicus Hub’s endpoint, which is used as a source for data in Sentinel Hub. It seems they are facing an inconsistency in the data offering, as the data is available in SciHub… We have notified the Copernicus Support team and will come back to you once the situation is solved.

This is not happening often, but unfortunately it cannot be fully prevented. It is out of our control.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi Grega, I notice the same problem over the UK, thanks for the explanation. Cheers!

We got a response from Copernicus Support that the data were indeed not synced between systems. They solved this and therefore the data appeared on our system and are available there.