No deliveries since planetscope subscription started

We purchased tier 2 credits to download plantscope scans in Colombia. We are waiting for a week now with no deliveries. Subscription status says “RUNNING”. How can we check what went wrong?


Subscription ********-****-****-****-1e61ebde49c9 was confirmed at 2024-06-09 20:14:51. It seems like the latest available Planetscope imagery of the area is on 2024-06-09 14:46:17.

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Thank you for your reply. As you can see from the input json we registered it to start retrospectively in June 06, why we cant see the Jun 09 delivery?

Thanks, I have escalated the issue. Will let you know when we have more information.

Thank you, we are looking forward to hear from you. It is a urgent matter for us.

Is there any update?

The issue has been fixed and missing deliveries should now be available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.