No display in QGIS

Hello !

I have an issue with SentinelHub WMS on QGIS. I configured my WMS layer and connexion is working well, I can see all images type available. But when I add it to my QGIS project, no image is displayed and in layer list under name of Sentinel WMS layer I have ‘the caption of an image obtained is corrupted’ something like that cause it’s written in French.

Can you help to solve this?

Hi @Timothee,

The error displayed under Sentinel WMS layer is because QGIS is automatically requesting a legend image from Sentinel Hub services and can’t handle an empty response. We are working to fix this problem on the services.

However this error actually shouldn’t break anything - the layer should still work normally. If you don’t see an image on the map, please try zooming in or moving to a different location where there is some data available for your layer parameters.

By the way, if you use WMTS layer instead of WMS, this error won’t occur.