No gml file in 2022

Hi team.

I was trying to download Sentinel-2 L2A files.

I used this code.

    request = AwsTileRequest(
        metafiles=["tileInfo", "qi/MSK_CLOUDS_B00"]

This code gave me image with cloud gml file before 2022.

However, it gave me “SHRuntimeWarning: File in location s3://sentinel-s2-l2a/tiles/16/S/CG/2022/7/31/0/qi/MSK_CLOUDS_B00.gml is missing” error messages when I tried to download L2A image in 2022.

How can this problme be solved?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @hyungyun.jeon ,

There’s a major product update for Sentinel-2 in 2021. The file you’re looking for is probably the CLASSI_B00.jp2 which contains the cirrus and opaque clouds info.


Thanks a lot!

Hi @chung.horng
Cloud files are missing when i am downloading the data from AWS sentinel hub what to do in that case

We cannot support you on this one, sorry about that.

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