No images in Some of the India and Nigeria Regions

Starting 29th Jan 2024, we are not able to find any images for the below regions, we are mostly keen on Soil Moisture and Leaf moisture Indices. Previous to this date…we were regularly getting images.

Daund, Maharashtra, India
Uhiere, Edo, Nigeria
Lankalagannavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India
Haryana, India
Chigurumamidi, Telangana, India
Reddy Palli, Andhra Pradesh, India

Please help.

Thank you

We recommend to first try to see if the data was published at all by European Space Agency. Best to use the “Search” functionality in the Copernicus Browser:

You might also want to check if there was some disruption in the operations of the satellite:

If the data is not there, we recommend to submit the question to ESA.
If the data is in the Copernicus Browser, but not in Sentinel Hub, do please send us a link to the specific data, including product identifiers, and we will take a look.