No new images are being populating to our PlanetScope subscriptions


You will see that these two subscriptions were uploaded after they were created on 16 August. Since that date, only one new image has been populated, on 25 August. We have recently upgraded our subscription, so it should not be a problem that we are not entitled to download them.
Can you investigate to see what’s going on?

Thank you.

Update: Subscription names - 403 & 404

Dear @antonio.santos.rodri,
I believe there were simply no PlanetScope data yet published in this area.
We will check with them what is the reason for that.

Hello @antonio.santos.rodri and @gmilcinski I have noted the gap in PlanetScope imagery coverage over these areas and am working with our product team to understand the issue in greater detail. Please allow us time to get additional information from our internal teams.

Hi, @adam.valore.
any news about that?

Hello @antonio.santos.rodri I’m seeing new imagery over your AOIs as of 9/6 and 9/8 can you please confirm that these images have come through to your running subscriptions?

Hello @adam.valore.

Yes, I see that two new images are appearing.
I need you to please provide me with the following information (on the forum or by writing to me privately):

  1. What is the underlying reason why for so long in a while no images have been arriving from Planet under my subscriptions? If the problem is Planet’s, I need you to please ask them for explanations and pass them on to me.

  2. I need data on the probability of these losses of service occurring (or historical data on previous similar events). Something like this: how often do events of more than 3 days without images occur and what is the average duration of these events.

Thank you and best regards.

@antonio.santos.rodri I’m working with our Engineering team on this issue presently. I hope to have more for you later this week with answers to your specific questions.

Thank you.

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