No results found for a Maxar imagery search

Hello, a search for commercial imagery does not provide results in the Maxar collection, but I know some images exist for my AOI as I can find them elsewhere.

Is there a global issue between SH and Maxar API?

Thank you in advance!



indeed there is a global issue and we are working on it. Thank you for notifying us.

Thank you for your answer.

Is there a service status page somewhere or are there plans to have one? On the user side, it is somewhat time consuming to check for potential previous messages in the forums before creating a new “issue”. Having a quick verification page to see if something is already being investigated would be nice from my point of view!


Hi @MasaeAnalytics,
it seems that issue has been mitigated on the side of the data provider.
Can you check if it works for you as well?

Hi Grega,

search is working again, thanks! We will try an order soon and let you know is something else is broken further down on the line.



Search is working but the delivery failed for 2 orders placed this morning (Maxar WorldView images). Can you please help?

Thanks in advance.


This seems to be another issue on the side of the provider, sorry for that.
They are investigating it and we will inform you when we get an update.

Thanks for your answer.

Can you please confirm that once the issue is solved the orders won’t be billed automatically?
We would like to buy a Pleiades image instead of one of the Maxar but want to make sure we don’t pay both.
However, we’re still waiting for the other Maxar image so keep us in touch.



The issue should now have been solved on EUSI/Maxar side. Can you please give it a try?
The orders, which failed previously, will not restart automatically and you should have the quota returned.

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