No Results Found - Pleiades

Hi there!
I’m new to the world of satellite imagery so please excuse my ignorance - trying to learn :smile:

I would like to purchase Pleiades imagery, and followed the steps outlined in the tutorial video, but keep getting “no results found” for my area of interest. I’ve even tried setting the date range for 2+ years, cloud cover max to 100%, and selected all other commercial data sources to try and see if there is anything captured for my target area to no avail.

I’ve subscribed to Sentinel EO but have yet to purchase Pleiades credits as I would like to ensure imagery is available before paying the fee for quota.

Am I correct in my understanding that “no results found” means Pleiades has not taken any images of the AoI within the designated timeframe? If so, is there a way to order imagery for an area that has yet to be captured?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi! Welcome to the world of satellite imagery :partying_face:

Yes, normally “no results found” for your AOI will mean that there are no images of your area of interest in your designated timeframe. Satellites like Pleiades are “tasked” and don’t periodically capture data for the whole globe. Due to their very high resolution this would not be practical! This is highly dependent on the area you are interested in, generally populated areas are covered more widely and often so if your AOI is somewhere remote it is less likely to have been captured by one of the very high resolution satellite imagery providers.

Currently, we do not support tasking automatically, but we are happy to coordinate the tasking orders with Airbus and then ensure the data is ingested to Sentinel Hub for you to use. So please get in contact with us if you have a specific request.