No Sentinel 2 Imagery available from last 2 weeks

Hello Team,

I have a problem with the sentinel 2 imagery. I’m utilizing the request builder to obtain images, however from December 1, 2023 to till now, no new imagery is available. Could you please assist me in getting the most recent images?

Please find attached a PFA snapshot of the dates that Sentient Imagery is available.

Hi @jalalmehmood371 ,

Could you please share your area of interest?

Hi @jalalmehmood371 ,

I checked the data available on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem and the latest acquisition is the one taken on 1st of Dec. This may be related to the Sentinel-2 routine decontamination activity (see Sentinel-2A MSI decontamination between 6 and 7 November 2023 and Sentinel-2B MSI decontamination between 4 and 5 December 2023).

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