Not able to use Planet data in sentinel hub request builder?

I have planet-4 and planet-8 data in my sentinel hub account which can be accessed on the Dashboard using My Collections but in the request builder, I am not able to use that data. No matter what script or time range I use from custom scripts, I get a black image as output.
Does the catalog API work for planet data?
Can somebody guider with further steps?

Hi Neil,

You currently have no data in your data collections. Before you can access the data you will need to subscribe to an area of interest. I would advise you to consult the following:

  1. Our documentation website, with examples on how to do this here.
  2. We have also written a Third Party Data Import PDF Guide
  3. There is also a Youtube video on the topic if this is your preferred format.

If you encounter any further issues or require support then do let us know!

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