Notification on new images - PlanetScope


Is there a way to achieve notifications for new imagery of Planet data? Something like push notification. Or can you suggest a way to programatically get the information about new images in a BYOC collection (PlanetScope data)?

Hi @Roman ,

A simple solution could be running a catalog request to your BYOC collection and always saving the last seen tile. If you need to automate the process, you could utilise cron or whichever way to automatically run it once a day or however often you would like to run it.

Hi @chung.horng ,

Thank you for your suggestion.
Don’t you plan to implement webhook notifications in the future? Like those Planet has?

Hi @Roman ,

Notification system for our services (including BYOC) is on our long-term roadmap. We don’t have a ETA for it and it won’t be available to the public this year.

Ok, thank you for the information

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